Funkfeuer Graz access for research


I am a student of a BSc degree in Telecommunications Engineering at the University of Valladolid, Spain. I am currently working on my BSc dissertation dealing with short-term prediction of link quality in Funkfeuer Graz network, which continues the work already done by other students and my advisors:

I am interested in capturing the Topology Control messages that are received by a single node in FunkFeuer network during a 2 days period. This capture would allow me to better understand how the fish-eye algorithm implemented in OLSRd is working in FunkFeuer network. Furthermore, I would be able to use the link quality values to train and test different artificial intelligence algorithms for link quality prediction.

Could anyone please provide me with access to the network via VPN or an alternative method so that I can capture TC messages? Thank you very much in advance for any help.


Enrique Díez

Hi Enrique, I haven’t seen much (any?) Graz-related FunkFeuer content on this forum. For now this is more about 0xFF topics of Vienna and surroundings (but I’m not a forum expert).

I suggest you subscribe to the Graz mailing list (more: and ask your question again.

Good luck with your project. Would welcome if you keep us posted - and if you happen to stumble over Vienna/Austria once meetups are possible again, feel welcome to drop by at the hackspace at any time. Maybe we can arrange a meeting with the local 0xFF crew. - The soul mates in Graz can be found at


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Hi Peter, thank you for your reply and the info. I will try to contact with them.
And thank you for the invitation!!

Best wishes,